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Welcome... Thank you for visiting KAMERALEDER.   We were founded in 1995 and are committed to producing the finest leather eveready cases and belt pouches for the collectable camera.  My name is George Elanjian, Jr., founder/designer of Kameraleder.  I hope you will take a moment and read about our company and the unique cases we offer.  


The "hard" leather eveready case was once a common accessory.  During the past several decades production of these classic cases has all but diminished.  As for the belt pouches, they are a relatively recent addition to the market.  However we feel there is room to improve as evidenced by the hundreds of non-leather or soft cases in the marketplace.  We intend to fill this void and expand our inventory as the economics dictate.  The process of shaping leather is a specialized art in the world of leather-craft.  Very few are able to do it.  We are excited about restoring this craft to enhance and protect fine photographic equipment.   After all, the collectors market would be vastly smaller if it weren't for fine cases of the past.


Everything we make is made from 100% top grain leather.   We are only using drum-dyed black leather.  This is due to the size of leather hide we must purchase and the relative few requests we get for other colors.  In the future we may expand to brown or tan.  For each eveready model a three piece wood mold is made.  Once the leather is selected it is cut, wet-molded shaped and tailored so to fit the curves of the camera.  Each piece of the case is lined as it is assembled.  This gives the interior an upholstered, refined appearance. Overall our cases look, feel, function and smell wonderfully.

To secure the camera to the case, we use a knurled knob type fastener.  This fastener is made from aluminum and has been machined specifically for this purpose.  It screws through the base of the case and into the tripod socket.   We prefer this system rather than tiny leather straps that snap around the body lugs.  These straps are prone to stretch where as the screw will not.

Our cases do not include a strap.  There are plenty of straps available commercially and many customers prefer their own favorite strap.   However, we have recently started to produce straps at the insistence of certain customers who wanted the option of matching the leather quality of the case to the strap.   We do fasten two standard 1/2 inch strap eyelets to each side of the case so your strap is fastened directly to the case and not the camera body.  We believe this is the ideal way to carry the camera which also prevents the strap from brassing the top plate.

The top portion (or nose) of the case can be easily removed from the body.  At one time we offered a chrome, flush mounted "lock and key" type fastener as seen in several photos of our cases. We have exhausted our limited supply of those fastners and efforts to fine more have been unsuccessful. We are currently using the black PRYM-style snaps. These are the same flush snaps used for the top portion of the case. They work quite well. Customers who have used both report no difference other that the PRYM-style snap has a lower profile however it nicely matches the other two snaps used to secure the top of the case.


Belt pouches are made much the same way.  For example, our pouch for the Rollei 35 is an excellent design reproduction of the original Rollei belt pouch case.  The original Rollei case was made of thin grade leather glued to a cardboard form. It has thin belt loops that easily tore.  Their lining was felt paper and had vinyl piping which turned to goo.  Our case is vastly improved. It is made from top grain leather with extra thick belt loops.  The loops are stitched and riveted to the case.  The color is black with a textured grain to complement the rubber finish on the camera.  Our piping is quality leather.  The lining is fine suede. We’re pleased to have heard from customers that our case is superior to the current soft pouch offer by Rollei for the "Classic".  That case sells for over $100.


Our eveready cases are priced from $320 - $340. Our camera pouches range from $109 - $120.  Conventional pricing guidelines would have us relate the price of the camera to the cost of the case.  We can’t afford to. We make the best item possible and chips fall where they may.  The reality is leather pouches and ever-ready cases with this type of quality have not been made in 30 years.   To revive the craft and develop the tooling has been difficult.  Several customers have suggested we should ship production overseas or to Mexico.  We refuse to.  Quality control and nationalistic pride prevent us.  All our cases are made in Los Angeles by several seasoned leather professionals.  They are accomplished artisans who have spent a lifetime developing their craft.  We are very proud of our work and believe the discerning photographer will be equally pleased.


Each case is handmade -- one at a time.  Stock inventory is usually not possible for us due to our "old-world" production techniques.  We do make several extra cases during each production run so depending on the item, it could be in stock.  Otherwise, delivery for an eveready case is 4-6 weeks – possibly longer.  The belt pouches can be 2 - 4 weeks.

Our preferred method of shipment in the U.S. is the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.


We welcome international orders.  Shipping costs overseas have greatly increased in the past year, and the costs and method depend on your exact location.


Best to contact via e-mail. 

Tell us what case you are looking for and any questions you may have.   Include your name, address, shipping address if different, phone/fax (if available).  We respond to email once or twice a week so please be patient while waiting to hear back.

We waived our 50% deposit due to the demand for our cases far exceeds our output.  When your case is complete you will be contacted regarding payment. 


I hope this has given you some insight into our company. We are limited to the number of pictures we have available.  In time we expect to have picture for each item we offer.  For specific information regarding an item or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions -- feel free to e-mail, call or fax.

Again, thank you for visiting KAMERALEDER. Your interest in our work in very appreciated.

Best Regards,

George Elanjian, Jr.
Member: LHSA


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