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J A Coduto
M Phillips
D McMahon
Bill Gimbel
Mark D. Nissen
Michael Vittes
Philip Allsopp
Stuart Cryer
Wendy Silberstein
Jurgen Regul
J. Madison Barker
Don Bawcum

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Enclosed are several letters representative of the response to our work.

"I have always appreciated high quality photographic equipment and to that end I own a number of superb quality cameras.  You can not imagine how delighted I was when I received the Kameraleder handmade every ready case... more."  J. A. Coduto

"I apologize to the list if this seems like a bald-faced commercial endorsement, but I have found a company and product that I think every member of this list should be aware of.... more."  M. Phillips

"Dear PhotoTechniques:    In the last several years you have had several good things to say about the Konica Hexar.  Based on the comments of PT, I bought one and have been pleased and impressed.  I thought you might like to know about a company that I found that makes a hard leather eveready case for the Hexar.  This case looks like some of those great old cases from the 1930's.   The people who make them are true craftsmen.... more."   Dick McMahon

"The M6 full case is working out fine. It's really a beautiful piece of work and I like the way it smells(!). It looks great on my LHSA and only comes off (the bottom half, that is) for reloading... more."   J. Madison Barker

"Hallo George,  the case arrived today, really a great piece.  The camera fits into it like a second skin.  In comparison to Leica's case your one is mile ahead... more."  Jurgen Regul

"Just wanted to let you and your team know how delighted I am with the Hasselblad X-PAN case you made for me... more."  Philip Allsopp

"I received your beautiful case this morning and found it even more so than I had expected, now this is the way cases should be made. It truly is the finest craftsmanship I have ever seen, at least in the last 40 or 50 year's... more." Don Bawcum

"I received my Konica Hexar case, and it is much nicer than I expected.  Top leather and excellent workmanship. Makes me want to buy another camera, just so I could order another one of your cases. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks, Virge"


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